"I just wanted to say thanks for a great review yesterday. It was great to get other professionals’ perspectives on our site. Most of us were already expecting those very reactions, but it was important for us to be able to document others outside of our organization coming to the same conclusions.

Thank you again for your help and what you do with your group. I think it is a valuable service you provide, especially for organizations that, like us, don’t have the resources to commission a full usability study".
-Jo Ann Milholen, MBA, Marketing ManagerKennesaw State University

“Feedback provided by this UI group was very valuable. The group demonstrated skills, professionalism and excellent attitude. I would definitely recommend it".
-Marcos Saiz, Founder Feng Office Feng Office

“Thank you again for reviewing our site. It was extremely worthwhile and incredibly informative”.
-Elizabeth Mendes/Associate Editor Gallup

“The business value that Frank and the UI group delivers is hard to calculate, but I will try. Our 4 year old e-commerce site was in need of cosmetic facelift as well as some structural changes. The group dissected the site and went far and beyond what I was expecting from the engagement. They turned over rocks that I did not even know were there, and made excellent suggestions on how to improve our site for the next revision. I now have three handwritten pages of notes that will drive the development of the next site. When I reported the results to my partners, I told them that in my opinion, anyone who was truly interested in improving their web presence would be happy to write a check for $10,000 for the business value that they delivered. I could not be happier".

-Dave Johnson, President/Founder Velo Clothes

"The UI-SIG experience provided our non-profit with the kind of usability advice that we could only dream of affording. Participants with a variety of expertise turned our website inside-out and gave us a series of very helpful comments. I have more than a page of hand-written notes. Our team is working diligently to revise our site and can't wait to see the results".

-Matt Mitro, CEO Indigo Africa

"We were initially overwhelmed trying to figure out how to measure what is and what is not working on our new site, www.PracticalYoga.tv. When we first talked to Frank, we had almost no idea what a Usability Review was or how it may help our company. After spending only 1-2 hours in a Usability Review with Frank at the helm, we were absolutely amazed at how much knowledge and good common sense he was able to share with us. We had important epiphanies along the way, which will allow us to further develop our site with the appropriate paradigm in mind. By the end of our Usability Review, we knew we had gained essential knowledge to help us build our site to the next level. We are grateful to Experience Dynamics for all their hard work and expert insight".

Bill Donnelly Owner, PracticalYoga.tv

"That was a very worthwhile session last night. I think all three of us took away a lot of useful information and there was much we didn't have time to explore! Hearing the reactions of the first time users certainly causes me to question some of the assumptions that I've had about the site, in particular it's current value as a marketing tool. I'm looking forward to exploring further the suggestions that were offered and seeing how we can incorporate many of them in improving the site". TOC Management

"I thoroughly enjoyed the session last night and appreciate all the wonderful advice we received. I can't emphasize how helpful it was to us. We plan on implementing as many of the comments as possible in our next site design".

Jantzen Swimwear

"The UI-SIG gave us valuable insight about our website and product usability that has helped us create a better user experience for our customers. I highly recommend the UI-SIG to any business that wants to improve the usability of their website or product".

Richard Day, CEO ColumbiaSoft Corporation

Attendees say

"What an excellent meeting! I didn't expect to be able to participate and give feedback as a first-time guest, but I'm so glad I was part of the discussion. You did a great job of involving everyone and keeping the dialogue moving forward...What brought me to portlandusability.com? Well, my background is in electrical engineering and from that I've become more interested in usability of the software interfaces I've created. Lately I've also been doing research on user experience specifically for websites because my husband and I are working on a website for a college planning company and we want to ensure that it offers a great experience for users to keep coming back! I found you through Google, and immediately signed up for the meeting today -- I thought it would be great to experience a usability review first hand and get involved in the usability community. Thank you for having this forum available to everyone. I will definitely be back to participate in future review meetings!


Jenny Mahmoudi

"Really enjoying the UI meetings - they are well worth the time. Thanks for your efforts". Netropole

"I've found the Usability SIG to be a very valuable investment of my time. I usually find some interesting information from the professional sessions I attend. However, I have come away from every session of the SIG which I have attended with practical solutions I can implement for my clients. It has been very valuable to see how peers have handled various situations, and to have the benefit of the insights and experience of the other SIG members". L. Hadley & Associates, LLC

Why people who attend User Interface SIG find it valuable: (based on a 2002 survey)

  • "Hear other opinions/perspectives on user interface design".
  • "Insight into good user design techniques & principles".
  • "We as a company were able to have completely unbiased feedback provided to us on how our website did, or did not portray the messages and capabilities we hoped it did".
  • "Good case studies".
  • "We received multiple suggestions from pros regarding how we can improve the usability of our site".
  • "Our website was being evaluated. The comments gave us a fresh perspective on our site".
  • "There was a lot of feedback and interaction, which meant that even if only 1/2 of it was new and only 1/2 of that was "good" - it was still worthwhile".
  • "It's always good to see how different people analyze the same problem and learn from the different approaches. Also, meeting other local individuals in the UI field has been good".
  • "Hands-on education about website usability, using a live example and a room full of knowledgeable folk".
  • "Networking and collegial discussion".
  • "It gives me an opportunity to check my thoughts against others in a collegial environment".
  • "Range of opinions is good. People sharing knowledge. Variety of projects reviewed".

Previous websites, applications and products we have reviewed include:

  • Ecommerce websites
  • Software as a Service web application
  • Healthcare information website
  • Healthcare products and services sites
  • Local government information websites
  • Linux software application
  • Content management tool
  • Financial news web portal
  • Human Resources legal information website
  • Accounting management application
  • Telematics automotive interior
  • Environmental products and services site
  • CD-ROM
  • Video streaming services website
  • Academic/Education website
  • Professional organization site
  • Intranet site
  • Disability and Accessibility information site
  • Non-profit website
  • Online collaboration and productivity web application
  • iPhone application

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